Ritz & Bliss

Sri Lanka’s premier travel management service ensures tourists who visit the island are taken on an authentic tour around Sri Lanka.

Sustainable and Responsible tourism has been an integral part of our business model since 2012. We are mindful of ensuring we promote local tourism in line with Sri Lankan culture and traditions. Through the education of our team, our guests, and locals, we aim to protect the environment and limit wherever possible any negative impact on local life.

As a team, we aim to inspire, inform and demonstrate to our partners, our guests, and the Sri Lankan tourism industry – that we are committed to ensuring we offer only responsible and positive travel experiences.

Our tours are designed so that our guests not only experience the natural beauty and participate in activities commonly associated with Sri Lanka but that they also can learn about its people and culture first hand.

Every tour is a learning experience providing our guests with information on the lush jungles, majestic tea plantations, and paradise oceans — all delivered through conversation, presentations, and hands-on experiences provided by our local guides.