Experiences of a Lifetime: Discover Sri Lanka's Rich Tapestry

At Ritz & Bliss, we promise our adventurers a unique time on the island. What are some of the things you’ve caught on Tik Tok or even on a simple google search but would like to try?

Here are just a few of the unique experiences we offer when you tour Sri Lanka.

Taste the Authentic Flavours of Ceylon

You can’t spend days in Sri Lanka and not taste the authentic flavours which make this island so very popular. From the best street food vendors to the more high-end restaurants which celebrate a fusion of local and international delicacies.

Our guides will take you on a tantalizing journey. Discover unique dishes and with the spices loved and treasured the world over. If there is something we can teach our travelers, it’s that the best way to learn about a new country – is through their food!
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Hike The Knuckles Mountain Range

Named after its uncanny likeness to human knuckles, the Knuckles Mountain Range is a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular spot for hikers. The Knuckles Mountain Range is considered one of the toughest hiking trails in the country and is best attempted by those with prior experience in hiking. That being said, no matter how experienced you are, it’s mandatory to have a guide.

You can choose which route you would like to take, some routes go through tea estates, some go by waterfalls. It’s up to you to decide which mountain you would like to climb.
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Feel The Rush Of White Water Rafting

Looking to feel that adrenaline rush as you row for dear life over voracious raids of water? White water rafting is a popular past time for adventurers looking for a thrill seeking spend. Our guides will take you over to Kithulagala.

After a safety briefing and a few pointers on rafting technique, we’ll jump right into the action. Seven high quality, class II and III rapids and temperate waters make the Kelani a premier introduction to the sport of whitewater or an exciting choice for experienced rafters. The river hosts rapids between grades 2 and 3, with the rafting stretch approximately 6.5 kilometers in length, and taking between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete, depending on water levels.

Visit The Local Jungle Folk!

Udawalawe Safari attracts many tourists in Sri Lanka as, from here, you can take enter their National Park which is nearby.

The park is home to massive herds of rare Sri Lankan elephants and you can come up close and personal to these majestic creatures.

As well as elephants, there are crocodiles, monkeys, peacocks, and a multitude of birds and deer aroud the lush plains.

On most safaris, spotting wildlife is not a guarantee. However, In Udawalawe, you can rest assured you will have the see some elephants while you’re here.

There is no better way to meet the locals than to head over to the jungles. These exotic safari trails are not to be missed.

Walk Through An Ancient Kingdom

Sigiriya Rock is one of the most visited attractions in Sri Lanka. Once you see it in person, or even in photographs, you’ll quickly realize why. Referred to as “the eighth wonder of the world”, it’s as rich in natural beauty as it is steeped in history. The Ancient City of Sigiriya is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During Former Sri Lankan royal King Kashyapa’s reign from 477 to 495 CE, he developed Sigiriya into a Building a palace at the top of a 200 meters high rock was no easy feat, although the king was extremely wealthy. An army of over one hundred thousand men, hundreds of elephants, and a workforce of skilled labourers constructed the fortress on top of the rock.

Today, visitors from the world over come to see the wondrous kingdom up close and personal. The trek up to the very top is quite a feat however, the view one you get there – is definitely worth it.

Our guides will take you through an explanatory tour, as you go through very cave and climb each level. Listen to the stories of the historic kingdom as you climb the rock

Mine Your Own Sapphire

Allow the guides at Ritz & Bliss to take you over to the mining land in Balangoda of the Rathnapura district. Here – we’ll show you how to mine the world’s most revered blue Sapphire. Now you too, like Princess Diana will have your own blue sapphire ring! The experience alone is awe-inspiring as you will discover how islanders of the past used the process to mine the gems loved dearly all over the world.

Hike Over World’s End

‘So close to the skies – you can catch the clouds in a bottle!’ that’s how our adventurers described the trek at World’s End. Though World’s End at Horton Plains, Sri Lanka is not as well-known as the towering Adam’s Peak, it is frequently ranked as the top hike in the country.

Allow our guides to help you make the trek because if there’s one thing you visit World’s End for, it’s the spectacular views out over the surrounding valley and mountains. Though this beautiful country is anything but short of great hiking tracks, World’s End is accessible to most people making it a great choice for holiday-makers.

Camping Under The Stars In Upper Diyaluma

Referred to as a favourite camping ground by experienced hikers, the plains are filled with vegetation and the nights a crisp and yet cool. This is an experience not to be missed. Allow the Ritz&Bliss guides to help you set up camp and sleep under the unpolluted island skies.

Harvest Your Own Cinnamon

Our guides will take you to a working cinnamon plantation and you will see – and have a go if you wish – all the unique stages of harvesting sticks of Cinnamon. What’s best? Take a mini bundle back home as a souveniour to remember your afternoon!

Take A Boating Safari

Journey through the melodious, bird-colonised mangrove forests of Madu River, quivering with communities of land-dwelling molluscs, river monsters, and wild butterflies in Balapitiya. Our team will expertly guide you through the river as you witness the peaceful almost languid state of the environment.

The 3 Icons of Ella

If you google Sri Lanka, you’ve most definitely come across the 3 icons of Ella. Our guides will take you through a wonderous, almost fairy tale like tour of the iconic three, a trail to little Adam’s Peak, the Nine Arch Bridge and of course – the Ella Rock! Here’s your chance for those Inst-perfect pictures. Just remember to Tag us @ritzandblissholidays.

A Tour Of Ethili Village

Ethili village tour is structured to give a unique experience about the traditional village agriculture in Sri Lanka. Chena cultivation is the main experience of this tour. The Ritz&Bliss guides will take you on a boat ride in the lake, where you can see lots of reptiles and birds. The experience of authentic village hospitality found in Sri Lanka will most certainly leave a lasting impression on your minds!