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Your Unforgettable Honeymoon Journey Awaits in Sri Lanka!

Discover Ritz and Bliss, the ultimate orchestrator of an extraordinary Sri Lankan honeymoon. With a focus on sustainable luxury, we craft a seamless blend of relaxation and exploration, ensuring an unforgettable escape for couples.

Partnering with thoughtfully selected eco-conscious honeymoon hotels, we present a haven where indulgence meets environmental responsibility. Our De-Stress Tour is a sanctuary for couples to unwind and explore, where stress dissipates amidst pristine beaches, historic towns, and fragrant tea plantations.

Immerse in cultural treasures and embark on wildlife safaris, igniting the flames of romance against starlit skies. Every moment is meticulously designed to foster deeper connections, whether savouring exquisite cuisine or venturing into lush landscapes.

At Ritz and Bliss, we go beyond conventional tours, providing an opportunity to create cherished memories in harmony with nature. Your Sri Lankan journey is elevated by our dedication to sustainable tourism, preserving the island’s beauty for generations.

Day 1-2

Seaside Serenity


Embark on your romantic escapade in Negombo, where the sun-drenched beaches and gentle waves create an idyllic backdrop for your love story. Unwind in the embrace of the Indian Ocean, savor fresh seafood, and allow the sea breeze to carry your worries away. As a special treat, indulge in the best Ayurvedic treatments, rejuvenating your senses and setting the tone for an enchanting honeymoon with Ritz and Bliss.


Day 3-4

Majestic Heights


Elevate your honeymoon to new heights as you explore the captivating wonder of Sigiriya. Venture to the summit of the legendary Sigiriya Rock, where ancient secrets blend with breathtaking panoramas. Discover the enigmatic frescoes, stroll through centuries-old gardens, and immerse yourselves in the grandeur of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amidst this awe-inspiring backdrop, your love story unfolds, etching moments of wonder and romance into the very heart of your journey. Ritz and Bliss invite you to share in the magic of Sigiriya’s majestic heights, crafting memories that will stand as a testament to your unforgettable adventure.


Day 5-6

Cultural Charms


In our enchanting romantic tour, Kandy is a jewel that will add a touch of cultural elegance and serene beauty to your journey. Nestled amidst mist-covered hills, Kandy exudes an aura of timeless romance, making it a highlight of your honeymoon with Ritz and Bliss.

Kandy, Sri Lanka’s capital city of culture, is a city never to miss on a Sri Lanka vacation. On the fifth day of your Sri Lanka honeymoon package, you visit the most sacred place in Sri Lanka; the Temple of Tooth, which protects the tooth relics of Lord Buddha.


Day 7-8

Misty Romance

Nuwara Eliya

Welcome to Nuwara Eliya, where your romantic journey reaches new heights amidst misty landscapes and captivating charm.

Nuwara Eliya often hailed as “Little England,” unveils a captivating landscape that stands apart from your Sri Lanka honeymoon journey. Here, foamy waterfalls like Laxapana, St. Clair’s, and Ramboda cascade in a symphony of nature, while charming rows of tea plantations create a romantic tapestry. The allure of world-famous Ceylon tea factories and European-style buildings intertwines seamlessly with the undulating hills.

As you embark on this chapter of your honeymoon, you’ll be entranced by the enchanting scenery. Stroll hand in hand through the alluring Victoria Park, where every step is a brushstroke of serenity amidst emerald greenery.


Day 9-10

Tranquil Hideaway


Your romantic journey leads you to the serene embrace of Koslanda, a hidden sanctuary where intimacy and natural beauty converge.


Day 11-12

Wildlife Odyssey


Embark on a captivating wilderness adventure as your journey leads you to Yala National Park. Witness the untamed beauty of Sri Lanka’s wildlife as you venture on exhilarating safaris through the park’s diverse landscapes. Traverse the untamed terrain, eagerly seeking glimpses of majestic elephants, elusive leopards, and an array of vibrant birdlife. In this pristine sanctuary, nature’s symphony serenades your senses, and the thrill of the wild becomes the backdrop for your shared escapade. Ritz and Bliss invite you to embrace the untamed spirit of Yala, crafting cherished memories in the heart of nature’s theatre.


Day 13-15

Coastal Enchantment


Your journey concludes in the captivating coastal city of Galle, where history and natural beauty intertwine to create an enchanting backdrop for your final days.

As your Ritz and Bliss honeymoon culminates in Galle, let the city’s colonial elegance and coastal allure be the canvas for the final strokes of your unforgettable journey. Cherish every moment, capturing the essence of your love story in this enchanting coastal haven.


Day 16



Proceed to the airport in time for the departure flight.

Summary of Accommodation

DayPlaceNightsResortMealRoom TypeVehicle
Day 1-2Negambo2 NightsKarunakarala Ayurveda ResortHBStandardAt Disposal
Day 3-4Sigiriya2 NightsHeritance Kandalama HBStandardAt Disposal
Day 5-6Kandy2 NightsMountbatten Bungalow- Thema Collection HBStandardAt Disposal
Day 7-8Nuwara Eliya2 NightsThe Grand Hotel – Heritage Grand HBStandardAt Disposal
Day 9-10Koslanda2 NightsThe Planters House HBStandardAt Disposal
Day 11-12Yala2 NightsBig Game – Yala by Eco Team HBStandardAt Disposal
Day 12-15Galle3 NightsKahanda Kanda HBStandardAt Disposal
Day 16Departure


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